Aug 26


Things you can do to tackle pollution

Air pollution is one of the rising concerns which affect both the living and non-living beings on this planet. From basic problems like high SPM rate in the air to smog which is visible to the naked eye; furthermore, to acid rain, climate change etc. which have a long-term impact on our Earth.

In the past there have been pacts that were signed by countries and organizations to combat compounds which contribute to air pollution, and the same were implemented as well. However, the drastic rise in population has led to an increase in consumption and demand for land, electricity, transportation and other basic necessities, eventually leading to rapid depletion of resources and deforestation, thus disrupting the cycle of this planet.

Action towards combating or controlling pollution should start from each and every individual. We can feel at an individual level, that roads covered with trees are more comfortable to drive on than roads that are deprived of tree.

Together we can: –

– Spread awareness among people about the rising pollution

– Plant more and more trees to combat increasing CO2 and meet future demands of the next generation

– Take a walk or cycle to nearby markets, gym or even office.

– Promote public transportation among peers and family like pool cars, buses etc.

– Recycling and reuse of products/ byproducts will decrease waste generation, because managing wastes requires incineration which adds up to air pollution.

– Use more of e-bikes, which is already being facilitated by organizations like Yulu, Uber and Zoom Bike in various big cities.

– Limit the use of air conditioners, if not required kindly switch it off. It may be cooling inside but is adding heat to the surroundings outside.

– Promote the use of solar energy: Solar panels are cheap and on sunny days they generate good amount of electricity for domestic applications.


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